Private Trust Program: Local knowledge, national partners

The Private Trust Program is a unique partnership combining the Special Needs Trust (SNT) experience, benefits eligibility knowledge and culture at WGC with the breadth of resources, expertise, strength and stability of nationally recognized banking partners. Separate and distinct from a Pooled Trust, the Private Trust Program beneficiaries can partner with investment managers, Trust officers, private bankers and wealth advisors as part of their financial team, while continuing to work with their attorney, CPA and other financial professionals.

How it works

In this program, WGC will provide co-trustee services with banking institutions so that the beneficiary gets the best of both worlds.

Private Trust Program Individual SNT’s are recommended for Trusts with a balance in excess of $250,000.00.

WGC works with Trustees and bank trust departments to make recommendations related to the SNT. In this case, the Trustee/bank can focus on investments and WGC can use our expertise to help maintain

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